Fears & Phobias

Let go of those phobias & fears now.

I can help you release yourself, from any phobias or fears , by using special techniques including Hypnosis and New Code NLP. that can change the way you respond, by switching off the fight/flight response. The reason why it’s so difficult to do this, is that this fight/flight response is controlled by our unconscious mind.

I have a whole bunch of techniques that can help you rid yourself of your problem phobia or fear quickly, safely and effectively.

Phobias and fears are very common

A study in the US, found that between 5% & 21% of their population suffered from types of phobias and fears. Broken down by age and gender, the study found that phobias were the most common mental illness among women in all age groups and the second most common illness among men older than 25.

The fear memories form neural pathways or connections with each other, in the brain. Repeated exposure to the fear causes the reaction to grow in intensity. That’s why for many, the phobic response intensifies over time.

In neurological terms, fear is the memory of danger. Fear is an emotional response that has been hard wired into us from an instinctive perspective to respond to potential dangerous situations. Some fears are rational whereas some fears are not, and can massively get in the way, of you enjoying your life.

There are numerous causes of fears that develop into phobias. Some are fairly common such as the fear of flying or aviophobia, fear of spiders known as arachnephobia, fear or public speaking known as glossophobia, or fear of confined spaces known as claustrophobia.

Many of my clients can become non phobic in one double session. Why not get help now, contact me today for a free consultation.

The only thing you have got to lose is your phobia!

Sarah Jons  Cognitive Hypnotherapist


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