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Feel ALIVE Experienced energy in abdomen never felt before: Came in as an 83 year old; leaving as an 18 yr oldFatima Bakharia

As a Hypnotherapist, I work with the subconscious and your breath can be used to access repressed and suppressed emotions.

Just think about what it would feel like to breathe in the most effective healing way for your body?

It would feel pretty fantastic, right?

That’s what I want to help you to do.

Transformational Breath® is possibly the most powerful self-healing modality available on the Planet

Everything in life is connected to your breath.

I invite you to discover this through the power of Transformational Breath*®


1) Who’s it for?

Everyone can benefit from better breathing because life is about breathing…

2) What’s my workshop about?

You will be introduced to the 4 basics of Transformational Breath.

Allowing you to become more aware of your own individual breath pattern.

Our expert team will facilitate you during this amazing workshop

Helping you to reconnect ♡  fully with your breath ♡.

This is a chance to escape and experience something profound

To relax, let go and let me and my team take care of you for a few hours.

We can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours.

3) When & Where is it?

I run these regularly throughout the year at different locations. Click on The Big Breath Logo in the right-hand bar to be taken through to the calendar.

Limited places only. Early Bird Prices from £47

Book early to avoid disappointment.


Benefits include detoxification of the body; release of tension; relaxation of the mind/body; relief of pain; relieve of emotional pain; massages organs; increases muscles; strengthens the immune system; & improved mood.


The Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine has announced that Transformational Breath® UK is the winner of its prestigious ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ for 2014.


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What others say about our Introduction to Transformational Breath workshop

“Feel ALIVE Experienced energy in abdomen never felt before. Came in as an 83-year-old; leaving as an 18 yr old”  Fatima Bakharia 

“It’s amazing that such a simple technique can have such a profound effect. I recommend transformational breath to everybody” Sophie Williams

“I felt like I was in a blanket of love and safety. I felt like a new woman when the workshop was over. Can I come again tomorrow?”  Naomi Givan

“The most effective workshop I have ever attended- it made me feel calm and relaxed unlike anything I’ve experienced before” Rachel Menezes

“I felt very connected with myself and my baby (I’m 3 and half months pregnant) it was very emotional, amazing feeling.” Miranda Dingle

“I wasn’t expecting such a powerful physical reaction to breathing” Paul Davison

 “Phenomenal, deep, visceral experience that left me feeling energised and joyous & connected to some deeper emotions” Gurinder Sandhu




What is Transformational Breath?

Transformational Breath® is an amazing technique that works on three levels.  Firstly, it teaches you to use your breath to open your complete respiratory system. Physically this energises, clears toxins, and boosts the immune system. It reduces stress hormones; in fact, each session can clear ‘something’, leaving behind deep feelings of relaxation.

The emotional is the second level. Emotionally, Transformational Breath®  provides an opportunity to access those deep unresolved issues and integrate them in a way that has an immediate benefit on your life. This tool works at the level of the subconscious.

The third level of  Transformational Breath® is personal and partially dependent upon belief systems; for some, it’s deeply spiritual, others fast track to deep meditative states.

Dr. Judith Kravitz developed Transformational Breath® over 30 years ago in the US.  There are amazing stories of self-healing using Transformational Breath®; including a reduction in symptoms of a disease, such as cancer and back pain.  Tens of thousands of people have benefited from this tool. The popularity of Transformational Breath® continues to soar globally, in response to a crisis in physical and mental health (as well as a lack of funding).

“Judith Kravitz is the most impressive teacher of breath work I have ever encountered in both the east and the west. Her techniques have the power to lead one to have a direct experience of liberation on many levels. You may call it a short cut to enlightenment “

Tulku Rimpoche Thubten, Tibetan Buddhist Lama

Are there any risks or contraindications?

Everybody can benefit from breathing better. We may need to make certain adjustments, e.g prop you up on some extra pillows. There will be an opportunity at registration for you to make us aware of any medical conditions. It’s great for pregnant women too!


How should I plan for this event?


You will be lying down on mats with pillows and blankets during this session. Wear loose comfortable clothing. (Nothing too tight or restrictive round the waist). Please wear extra layers, even consider bringing a blanket as your temperature can vary during the session.

Please avoid caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes before you arrive. Avoid a wild night afterwards (unless you really have too), because you won’t benefit from the full experience. You feel dehydrated afterwards so carry a refillable water bottle.


How old do I need to be?

Normally 18’s only, please. If younger please contact the organisers who can advise further.


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