It’s not your fault that you smoke!
Although it’s pretty bad for you if you do! Most smokers get to a point that they want to quit and try to stop. It’s pretty hard to do so with pure willpower, and relapses are common.  The subconscious has been hijacked into believing that cigarettes have numerous positive benefits.  Part of the brain of a smoker actually believes smoking is the right choice to deal with everyday situations.  It’s a tool to manage emotions.  Smokers believe (subconsciously) that ciggies help them to relax if they’re stressed; keep them company if they’re lonely; comfort them if they’re sad, or even satiate them if they’re hungry.

Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health. It can add years to your life, and improve the quality of your health (and save you thousands of pounds in the long run). I know this is already known.

Gift your lungs oxygen, not tar. Gift your body exercise, not bad health. Gift your lips kisses not cigarette butts. Gift yourself a long life, today.

As an ex- smoker who finally quit with hypnotherapy (after years of relapses), you might wish like me that you had considered it sooner. The glamour, excitement, rule breaking, peer pressure associated with your earliest memories of your first ‘ciggies’ needs to be reconstructed.

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    Are you weighed down by a bereavement, divorce, or loss? Help yourself bounce back with hypnosis.

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    Do you believe your’re not good enough, unlovable, even unworthy? Rewrite history and experience a different future with hypnotherapy.

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    Engage, flow and inspire from the inside out.

Hypnotherapy for Grief and Rejection 
In order to live more fully in the present moment, hypnotherapy timeline regression will help you go back in time to complete any unfinished business, permitting this to come into consciousness to be cathartically released.

During our sessions, you will feel safe and supported, and discover those hidden blocks to process any emotions. Traumatic memories can be rewired and the painful associations dampened to bring purpose back into your life.

Some of my clients join my retreats to experience breathwork, the most powerful self-healing process I’ve discovered that works in perfect synergy with hypnosis.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

a simple, effective solution