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Stop Drinking Now. Are you ready to change?

Have you tried to stop drinking but failed? In the UK alcohol is the preferred drug of choice for many. It’s socially acceptable; across all classes, and different age groups.

Its use affects the reward pathways in the brain. Some people don’t like the affects of feeling drunk, but for others its fun and immensely enjoyable and relaxing.

Most of us use it wisely for enjoyment in social settings, but for some of us drinking is a serious problem. Booze has been around for thousands of years. If alcohol was just discovered now for the first time it would be a class A drug.

Some people engage in binge drinking out of choice. The end of the week Friday night blow is a way to let of steam. Many, however, find themselves drinking to excess after having begun with the intention of just having ‘one or two’. Others drink and find it eases any hidden social anxiety disorders; they come out of their shells. Sometimes the consequences can be disastrous.

Have you tried to stop or cut back on drinking?  Alcohol changes the chemistry within the brain. The balance of the brain is a fragile one. Long term exposure increases tolerance levels, as the brain gets used to the alcohol being there. Those who drink to excess regularly, then stop drinking suddenly, can experience some unpleasant physiological side effects, as the brain readjusts itself back.
I can help you in achieving your goal whether it is to quit drinking permanently or to enjoy alcohol with control and in moderation.  Changes can be made at the unconscious level that can help create a new sequence of thinking on a conscious level that in turn leads to changes in your behaviour.
During our sessions you will taught various relaxation techniques, including self-hypnosis and other techniques too help you remove any cravings, to help you stop drinking permanently, or cut down.
Benefits of stopping  drinking
  • Wouldn’t it be great to wake up the following day feeling fresh and full of energy.
  • Think of the money you could save.  Especially if you the sort of person who end up splashing out on rounds of drinks when out with mates.
  • Think of all those calories that you would no longer be consuming, making it easier to lose any excess  weight.
  • Imagine how good you would feel about yourself, no longer feeling guilty for overindulging.
  • Improved health of your heart, liver, pancreas and reduction in risk for many other illnesses.

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