Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social Anxiety Disorder is in your biology. You can feel it.

  • Having a social anxiety disorder is more common that you realise.
  • Do you dread being invited out socially, are you better in one on one situations?
  • Do you feel awkward, make excuses, and leave early from social engagements?
  • Do you avoid those Xmas parties, weddings, office parties?
  • Are you single and don’t want to be, but just don’t feel comfortable dating?

It could be that naturally you’re an introvert, and find people drain your energy. This is different from having a social anxiety disorder.

How would I know if I had a Social Anxiety Disorder? What would I feel?

1    If your inner voice is critical and demeaning this causes your body to feel tense. This will trigger a release of the stress hormone cortisol. Your heart beats faster; your breath is shallow, accompanied by butterflies in your stomach.  Anyone who has experienced these symptoms knows they are certainly not pleasant.  You become so aware that you become sensitised.  Sensitisation occurs to the degree where you’re a ‘bag of nerves’. A tiny stimuli, surprise or minor conflict can result in panic. These types of feelings can happen when you get invited to a social event, or when you feel pressurised into accepting an invitation.

2    The onset of stage 1 can lead to stage 2.  You begin to fear the social occasion.  You don’t want to go. You make excuses, cancel last minute, or feign sickness.  This is the onset, the 2nd stage.  This new fear can be debilitating. You begin to fear the fear itself.  You now have a 2nd problem associated with your social anxiety disorder.

3    The third stage is self rejection, distrusting your own body.   Some people experience pounding heart, dizziness, shortness of breath, trembling legs, shaky hands, lumps in their throat, and hot or cold palpitations.  You become hyper sensitive to sensations in your body. Anything unusual could lead to panic. You become hyper vigilant for any symptom that could lead to panic.

4    Stage four can be the most debilitating.  You decide to avoid, ultimately any situation that evokes any triggers or symptoms of anxiety.  Deliberately avoiding any social situation, and this includes dating as well.  What started out as uneasiness become avoidance.

If you experience any of these symptoms and would like to get help, email me.

Hypnosis can help you feel more relaxed in social situations.

Take  the following online test, that can help you determine whether you have some form of social anxiety disorder.

By Sarah Jons

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