Sleep Tips

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Sleep Tips

Some of us have difficulty sleeping. So here are some simple sleep tips for you to follow.
  • Take some regular exercise every day, not too late, mornings or late afternoons are best.     
  • If you need an afternoon nap, limit yourself to no longer than 45 minutes.
  • Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so keep your bedroom as dark as possible, block out any light through the windows, and don’t sleep with any lights on. Sleeping with lights on may interfere with melatonin which helps promote deeper sleep, better mood as well as boosting and repairing our immune system.
  • Make sure you bed is comfortable, if not buy a new one soon
  • Stop smoking, nicotine is a stimulant and smokers can take more time to fall asleep.
  • Alcohol inhibits sleep as well, making it more likely for your sleep to be disturbed. Give it up or cut it down. 
  • Cut down on caffeine, definitely not in the evening, say no to those after dinner espressos or decaf them.
  • Practice some meditation or simple breathing exercises ( my favourite) just before bed time.
  • Remember bed is for sleeping, cuddling & making love, nothing else.
  • Curl your toes tightly for a count of 8, then relax, then start to slowly work up through the rest of your muscles, tensing and relaxing as you go.  You might find yourself just drifting off.
  • Drink a warm milky drink around fifteen minutes before you are due to go bed. Milk when heated contains tryptophan, which helps to induce sleep. 
  • Listen to an appropriate hypnosis download with binaural beat

Practice the above sleeping tips regularly.

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