Hypnosis Helps Change

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, hypnosis can be done alone, but it’s more effective when delivered by a skilled Hypnotherapist.

It’s often thought that much of what we can do, we can control consciously. But there is a massive proportion of our behaviour and the decisions we make being controlled by our unconscious or subconscious mind.

It explains why it’s so difficult for us to change things on a conscious level.  

Think for a moment, of all those behaviours that you might want to change in some way.  

Could you change your heart rate, or your temperature, or stop sweating or blushing consciously? Some people can. These happen unconsciously, but hypnosis is an effective tool at over riding these unconscious responses.

My work using Hypnosis

I work as a Hypnotherapist using  NLP New Code to elicit shifts in behaviour for a wide variety of issues. Hypnosis and deep phenomena trance are essential for eliciting this change. 

Hypnosis can be incredibly powerful and some operations are carried out nowadays using hypnosis instead of general anaesthetic.

Hypnosis can change the way we think, feel and the way we respond to pain. Modern day neuroscience is a the beginning of a new frontier of understanding this phenomena.  

I’ve broken down for you, a few of the more commonly requested issues that I work with.

Phobias, Stress, PTSDGastric Band Hypnosis, Confidence,  Low Self Esteem, Public SpeakingEating Disorders, Stopping  Smoking, Insomnia, Addictions  and Infertility are examples of some problems that respond really well to hypnosis.

You can flick through these in a bit more detail by visiting the relevant pages on my website.

If there is anything that isn’t listed, but you want to find out whether hypnosis and my approach can help, then do contact me.

I will try my best to help, no matter how obscure or challenging. All my work follows strict confidentiality guidelines.

With best wishes

Sarah Jons London Hypnotherapist 


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