Stress ed out?

We hear the term ‘stress’ a lot in our lives.

Exam stress, work stress, business stress, stress at home, stress with the kids, stress in the bedroom and stress with life in general.

Stress is a real term in psychology and biology, first coined in the biological context in the 1930s. Over the past 2o years stress has become part of our everyday language.

Stress refers to the consequence of the failure of humans to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined.

Most people view stress as ‘a bad thing’ and unhealthy. In excess it is. A bit of stress though is a good thing and motivates us to get things done.  Equally important is being able to recover quickly from stressful events. We all have different abilities to handle stress. Some of us live with enormous responsibilities and workloads, others find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

You can win over the stresses and anxieties in your life, without taking any drugs or medicines, naturally through hypnosis.

Whatever the levels of stress and anxieties in your life, you can take steps to take back control and come out on top.

You can now make up your mind now to start taking small steps to reach your goal of living a spontaneous and full life.

Remember, all great things start small.

Who, in his or her life, has not experienced worries and anxieties in life?

Stress is indeed essential for your well-being.

Remember, in some forms stress is the energy that propels you forwards taking action.

We all face it in all stages of our life.

 For you, right now, do any of these ring true?

  • You struggle to make decisions, only focusing on negative outcomes.

  • You suffer from anxiety, or low mood, perhaps you startle easily or, don’t like being alone, and feel out of control.

  • You take criticism badly, and worry about what people think or say about you. 

  • You don’t sleep well,  or suffer from insomnia, your loose appetite, or you over eat. Perhaps you get headaches, or suffer from frequent illnesses, or always feel tired.

  • You start smoking too much, drinking to much or gambling too much.

  • You fly off the handle and can get angry very easily, over the smallest thing.

  • You avoid going out, spending less time with your friends.

There are so many tell tale signs of stress,  as a London Hypnotherapist, I have a wide range of tools and techniques that can get my clients to be much less stressed and more happy with life.   Contact me today using the form on the right to find out how I can help you.

“I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. “

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