Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem and hypnosis

You may be surprised just how incredibly common and wide reaching low self esteem is.

I believe it affects us all in some way, at some time in our lives.

There are so many different factors that can heavily affect the way you feel about yourself. This can affect the way you behave and live your life.

Symptoms of low self esteem
  • Does low self esteem make you avoid doing the things that you need to do?

  • Do you need to be in control at all times?

  • Do you live your life in rut?

  • Are you afraid of failure?

  • Do you think you are to blame when things go wrong?

  • Is your inner shyness or fear of being judged stopping you making new friends?

  • Are you not able to have meaningful relationships?

  • Do you love or even like yourself?

If you can answer yes, to any of the above statements then it’s possible you may be suffering from low self esteem.

How Sarah can help improve your self esteem

The good news is that I can help you rediscover the more worthwhile you.  To improve your self esteem, we need to address some of your core beliefs and values. Do you have any negative or limiting beliefs about yourself that are holding you back?

I’m a great believer in something known as “Orr’s law, which states, “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves”. That means that the brain has an uncanny way of giving you the future that you think you’re going to get.  The unconscious part of the brain does what it’s told to do by the conscious thinking that goes on.  So if you constantly think about how you will never be succesful, or that you are not worthy, or that you can’t do something, then it’s likely to happen for you. 

By using a wide variety of techniques including New Code NLP and Hypnosis we can work together to work on any limiting beliefs, and improve your self esteem.

“Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”

Contact me Sarah Jons Cognitive Hypnotherapist today for a free, confidential consultation about your problem.

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