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If you are looking for someone to work with you on changing something in your life, then you should consider seeing a hypnotherapist.
I can tell you, that I  continue to be amazed at the life transformations my clients achieve in a very short space of time.
Why spend time worrying about a problem?  When you can take action to solve it today.
If any of the following  are familiar to you,  then I can help you.
  • Imagine how great you would feel, if you could speak in public with comfort and ease.
  • Imagine how fabulous you would look, if you lost weight.
  • Imagine how much more relaxing life would be, with less stress and anxiety.
  • Imagine getting rid of that irrational fear, or phobia.
  • Imagine improving your health, by lowering your blood pressure
  • Imagine the advantages you could realise, by boosting your confidence, and working on your self esteem. 
  • Imagine beating any unwanted addictions permanently.
  • Imagine being able to sleep better, and overcome insomnia, naturally and safely.
  • Imagine that unwanted eating disorder, becoming a thing of the past.
  • Imagine being able to cope with infertility and improve your chances of conceiving safely.
We spend so much money on material goods, in the belief that these things will make us happy.  True happiness and contentment with life comes from within us.  Only our thoughts stand in the way of us experiencing it.
Many of us have something about ourselves that we would like to change and struggle to do so alone, that’s why many people seek out the help of a hypnotherapist.
We are at the mercy of our unconscious mind which really controls everything. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for getting that change to happen because of the effect it has on the unconscious mind.

The process of changing many of our behaviours needs to take place at an unconscious level.  With my advanced level skills, training and expertise I can help you, to fix your problem.  It’s so important that you choose the right hypnotherapist to work with, and I offer my clients the guarantee that I’ve recieved some of the best training in the world.
The mind and body connection has been understood by Eastern medicine for years, but the West over recent times is realising the importance of this connection.
By changing something in the mind, you can change something in the body, which in turn can change the way you feel, think, behave and act.
In numerous clinical trials, working with a hypnotherapist has been shown to significantly improve the chances of success in treating a wide variety of illnesses, behaviours, addictions and disorders.  
Is it a magic pill? l will leave you to decide once I’ve worked with you.
Request a free telephone consultation with me today.
Improve life, improve  health and get happy! 
With best wishes
Sarah Jons (Hypnotherapist)



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