Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is singularly the most beneficial thing you can do for you health.
What’s stopping you from stopping?
Most people stop smoking after one intensive 2 hour session. Unlike many of my competitors, I don’t charge a premium for this service.  My rates for this are £194.
I’m a qualified and experienced Change Therapist who uses Hypnotherapy and New Code NLP to deliver excellent results for my clients who are serious about stopping smoking.
I used to be a smoker but successfully quit many years ago by using hypnosis. One of the consequences of this is that  I trained to be a hypnotherapist.  I am passionate about helping others to give up cigarette smoking for good. I understand how enjoyable smoking can be and the fears associated with stopping, so please read on.
Just imagine
  • How much better you would feel?
  • How much easier you would be able to breathe?
  • How fresher you would smell?
  • How much better you would look?
  • How much money you would save?
  • How your health would improve?
  • How clean your teeth would be?
  • How much better things would taste?
Starting smoking
The single reason why people don’t want to stop smoking is FEAR!
Fear of losing something, a friend, something to help you relax, something to help you deal with problems, something to help you belong socially.
It’s quite common for people to take up smoking during early adulthood, usually in response to a social situation such as the desire to look sophisticated, or fit in with a social group, or even for some to help them stay thin.
This might have served a purpose at that time, but the longer we continue to smoke, the more harm we are doing to our bodies.
It’s not your fault….
The tobacco companies have known since the 1930′s about the dangers of smoking. They have gone out of their way to deceive the public and misrepresent the facts about smoking, health and addiction.
Advertising is a main factor in tempting people to take up smoking. Although commercial advertising is banned in the UK, there are loopholes and the tobacco industry is benefiting from them. One example is films, both in cinemas and on television. The number of film stars seen smoking on the screen is the highest in years. Cigarettes are glamorised in the music and fashion industries by well known celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Kate Moss.
So what I’m saying is that it’s not your fault that you started to smoke, and it’s definitely not your fault that you continue to smoke given the presence of nicotine in cigarettes.
Ninety percent of our behaviour is controlled by our unconscious mind and this is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to stop smoking on a conscious level.
However the good news is that it’s never too late to stop smoking.
The health benefits are immediate because the body has a remarkable way of repairing itself.
With the average packet of cigarettes now just under £7.00, a 20 a day habit is costing just under £50.00 per week, that’s a whopping £2600 a year. It’s no wonder they refer to costs as the smokers mortgage as a forty year habit can cost at today’s prices well over £100k.
Scientific research
The good news is that scientific research says that
  • 1% of people stop smoking by themselves
  • 6% because their doctor advised them too
  • 20% using nicotine replacement therapy
  • 94% stopped smoking successfully using hypnotherapy
I can help you stop smoking simply and effectively, using hypnosis and other techniques to change the way your unconscious think about cigarettes.
Get in contact with Sarah today. What’s stopping you from stopping?