Public Speaking (Glossophobia)

I can help you to speak in public with ease and fluency”
It is estimated that as many as 95% of people experience some form of anxiety or nervousness when public speaking. There are many different contextual situations that can cause speech anxiety.
Public speaking isn’t just standing up and presenting in front of a large crowd.
Other examples include attending job interviews, giving work presentations, or attending group meetings, delivering wedding speeches or just being able to feel comfortable in social situations.  It’s so wide reaching and can even include the fear of talking to members of the opposite sex, or speaking on the telephone. 
Fear of public speaking is also called glossophobia, it’s an actual phobia.
Symptoms include anxiety prior to, or simply at the thought of having to verbally communicate to any group; avoidance of such events, and accompanied physical distress, including feelings of or panic & nausea.
Verbal symptoms include tense voice, dry mouth, stuttering, long pauses, high pitch and repetition of “umms” and “ahhs”. One extreme form is dysfunctional speech anxiety, in which the intensity of the “fight or flight” response prevents an individual from performing effectively. These responses are automated by the unconscious mind.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Fear of public speaking, is a stress response. It’s basically your sympathetic nervous system ( fight/flight ) response which gets switched on. It’s an unconscious response, which means its difficult to control on a conscious level.
The flight or fight response is helpful when we faced real danger, but you don’t need that anxiety when you are speaking in public.
Through advanced hypnosis and New Code NLP you can learn very quickly to release yourself from anything getting in the way of you speaking effectively in public.  
Once my work is completed and for those that want to really develop their public speaking skills further, I recommend further coaching with Tim Dingle.
Tim does Standup comedy and is a professional MC for his own Comedy Club. He has appeared all over the world and is in regular demand for after dinner speaking.  He works with some of my clients to take them to the next level, whether that’s preparing  them for an open mic stand up comedy slot, or helping them write and deliver an important speech.  Further information at TheLSET
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