End Addictions with Hypnosis

Many of us do things to excess, or lose control, wishing we could end our addictions. Often looking backwards after the event, we reflect and wonder why we did what we did. It often doesn’t make sense.  
What happened? Why couldn’t we just get a grip of ourselves and say no?
We all know how many people in the UK smoke, spending tens of thousands of pounds on a habit, that is pretty much guaranteed to shorten you life and harm your health. Why can we end our addiction to cigarettes?
We know how alcohol plays a pivotal role in social enjoyment. An odd tipple here and there is fine, but it’s all too evident in modern society, the existence of the wide spread culture of binge drinking. Something which is now experienced across many different age groups and social economic backgrounds.
Addictions are not just limited to sex and food, they spread to every type of pleasurable behaviour, such as gambling, shopping, recreational or prescription drugs, Internet surfing, smoking, eating chocolate,drinking coffee etc.
Such activities or substances produce such a high, that they appear to give life more meaning, to the individual involved in seeking them. Removal of these activities or substances, leads to dissatisfaction and a life that doesn’t appear to be as worthwhile anymore.
Why is that some addictions are hard to beat?
Primarily we are simple beings, that are programmed to move towards things that bring us pleasure, and away from things that cause us pain.  This is the simple formulae that improves our chances for survival.
There is something going on in the brain that causes us to move towards pleasure, that something is a chemical reward system, that goes round in a cycle.
Dopamine is a natural brain chemical, that raises our levels of excitement and drives or motivates us to do things. 
Dopamine helps us find the pleasure source, by making us more aware of what’s going on in our environment.  
Someone with an alcohol addiction, could be far more aware of the sounds of the ice cubes chinking in the glass, as whisky is poured over them, from the furtherest part of the room.  Or take the drug addict, who will know exactly where to look for their next hit from, regardless of where they are in the world and what the local laws are.
Dopamine promises us excitement and reward,  but once we have had our hit of sex, drugs or whatever, then these feelings subside, and other brain chemicals such as endorphins are released which make us feel temporarily satisfied.
Dopamine and endorphin work together to aid the survival of the species, and stretch each one of us to learn and achieve. Without dopamine we wouldn’t have visited the moon.
In a well-balanced life, a reasonable amount of natural satisfaction and reward is achieved every day.
But in a life where emotional needs aren’t met, and abilities are not stretched,  that reward does not come.  This leads to a empty life without meaning which makes one an open target for developing addictive behaviours. 
Addiction can be beaten
This isn’t just dependent on finding the support of recovery group whereby in some cases you have to consider yourself an ‘addict’ for the rest of your life.
I work with clients who have addictions and compulsive behaviours to help them address the underlying emotional factors at play.  As a highly experienced and qualified Hypnotherapist, I have a whole tool box of techniques and strategies at my disposal to get my clients back on the right path including hypnosis
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