We hear the term ‘stress’ a lot in our lives.
Exam stress, work stress, business stress, stress at home, stress with the kids, stress in the bedroom and stress with life in general.
Stress is a real term in psychology and biology, first coined in the biological context in the 1930s. Over the past 2o years stress has become part of our everyday language.
Stress refers to the consequence of the failure of humans to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined.
Most people view stress as ‘a bad thing’ and unhealthy. In excess it is.
But the reality is that you can win over the stresses and anxieties in your life, without taking any drugs or medicines, depending solely on your own inner resources, enabling you to live a fulfilling, productive, and happy life.
Whatever the levels of tensions and anxieties in your life, you can take steps to take back control and come out on top.
You can now make up your mind now to start taking small steps to reach your goal of living a spontaneous and full life.
Remember, all great things start small.
Who, in his or her life, has not experienced worries and anxieties in life?
It is indeed essential for your wellbeing.
It is the energy that propels you towards taking action.
We all face it in all stages of our life.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) might be due to some traumatic experience that went through or ongoing issues:
  • You have suffered through a violent incident.
  • You have come back from war.
  • You are grieving for the loss of a loved one.
  • You are living in a environment of conflict.
  • A very close relationship has fallen apart.
  • Work is difficult and you are being bullied.
  • Exams or pressure to succeed.
  • No one understands what you are going through.
At times, though tensions and anxieties can become overwhelming, which affects your body, your mind, and many aspects of your life. 
At those time, it becomes debilitating and overwhelming.  I can help!
 For you, right now, do any of these ring true?
  • You are not able to take decisions; you are not able to think clearly, you see only the negative sides of the things.
  • You suffer from anxiety, get depressed, startle easily, are afraid of losing control, passing out and are afraid of being alone.
  • You are painfully self-conscious and are overly concerned about what people think about you,
  • You loose sleep, loose appetite, get headaches, feel un-explained pains in the body, feel cold or chilled and are always tired.
  • You start smoking too much, consuming alcohol too much or go on un-stoppable shopping sprees.
  • You get angry very easily, you find it difficult to control your anger, you get irritated easily, you start neglecting your responsibilities.
  • You avoid going out, meeting people and suffer a loss of confidence.
  • You can’t stop thinking about something that happened to you, you are experiencing flash backs, bad feelings
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