France Retreat Nov 16

Sarah JonsRetreats

Autumn Retreat Normandy France

18th to 21st November 2017

The Roots of Resilience

Retreat Hosts: Tim Dingle, Elif Clarke & Sarah Jons

Resilience Retreat (for everyone)

We create intimate enriching and enlightening retreats that turn a few days into a transformative experience for men and women seeking a more meaningful connection to themselves and one another.

If you’re running round in circles, if you’re feeling burned out, if you want more out of life and just haven’t been performing at your best … then this is an opportunity to get away and reboot.

Escape with Elif, Sarah, & Tim with years of experience in coaching, business, physiology, health, wellness and breath work.

This inspiring retreat is designed to take you away from all distractions so you can focus on building your physical, mental, emotional resilience and return home feeling empowered.

We have reserved exclusive use of The Mill Retreat Centre and only a maximum of 22  participants can attend.

Book yourself a limited space on our Autumn Rejuvenation Retreat and enjoy four energising days in an enchanting rural hideaway in the French Normandy countryside.

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A brief insight

Experience inspired coaching alongside the power of Transformational Breath ® sessions on retreat.  Begin with Yoga inspired exercises, enjoy time in nature, and finish with campfire meditations, Rebalance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Unearth and access your own resources to reconcile the past and be more present in life.

The benefits of Transformational Breath

The benefits of daily Transformational Breath sessions on retreat will stay with you for months.

By opening up energy pathways, your mind empties and the power of  breath to deepen self-healing becomes fully available to you.

Being in nature away from home, gives you a chance to pause and look at your life from a different perspective.  You can nurture yourself and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.

You will be able to let go, and get in touch with your true ‘authentic self’. Breathing fresh air into your body, breathes fresh air into your mind, allowing you to clear away clutter and integrate stress.

Your mind and body can open to accept a different reality of life. This will leave you feeling super relaxed,  re-energised, and resilient in the face of all life challenges.

The Mill Retreat Centre

We will be staying in a renovated mill, hidden in the beautiful French Normandy countryside on a 30-acre estate, with its own spectacular lake, and enchanting woodlands.

A natural bio-diverse environment to promote health, to provide safety, to revitalise and re-energise.

We know that nature is one of the best healing and teaching environments that exists.

We believe this is the perfect place for you to “retreat to” for four days.

I was very stressed before I came here to the point I wasn’t sure how I could continue. This was just the break I needed to get off the roundabout. Thankyou xSheri Downer Retreat June 2016

Your Retreat Hosts

Tim Dingle is an Inspirational Speaker, Coach and Trainer who has lectured all around the World at keynote speeches. His excellent academic pedigree (in Biology, Teaching and Business) was essential for his former role as the Headmaster of a top school.  There is a big fun side to Tim demonstrated through performing  “stand-up comedy ” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival during 2015.  He has experienced Transformational Breath, and teaches breathing as part of his coaching practice in inspiring people to “Be Amazing Every Day”. Having spent time living with the Aborigines in Australia, his storytelling will leave you fascinated.

Elif Clarke is an NHS Psychologist, Advanced Yoga Teacher and Transformational Breath Facilitator. Her whole professional career has been dedicated to helping others. She regularly assists on seminars and workshops in the UK and abroad. Her passion is “healing with breathing”. Her dream is to build her own retreat centre, inspired by her deep understanding and expertise in Transformational Breath .

Sarah Jons is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Transformational Breath Facilitator. She works with private clients in the field of addiction, fertility and depression. Her skills allow her to work deeply with subconscious beliefs and behaviours. She believes “the breath is the doorway into the subconscious and the most powerful self- healing tool we own”. Her experience of working with Transformational Breath on retreat has inspired her to create the same opportunity for many others.

Your Retreat Assistants

Sian Lockley is a Transformational Breath Facilitator and EFT practitioner, who is in the final term of a three-year Shiatsu Massage Diploma. She has a long-held view that if you want to leave a legacy, you need to help people grow. Over the past 20 years she has combined this ethos with her management roles as an active coach, mentor and trainer. Sian has seen her own life transform through the use of the breath and meridian energy therapies and is committed to helping others realise the benefits they want in their own lives. We are delighted to have Sian join us on this retreat to provide support and assistance during the breath sessions.

What else?

Suitable for men and women, singles, couples, family members or friends. All levels of fitness and health accommodated. Whether you’ve been on a retreat before or not doesn’t matter.

Easy to get there, just a few hours from London. Comfortable bright spacious rooms with traditional French country style furnishing and decoration. Sleeping in Egyptian cotton sheets, feather and down pillows. Simple and welcoming.

Meet new people, enjoy great food (vegetarian) and digitally detox.  You can row in the lake, walk in nature or cycle the grounds (there are tandem bikes).

Smile & Go Slowly Tim, Elif, Sarah, & Sian ♡

I would recommend this to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you think you need it or not. It is the most amazing experience that you will perhaps have in your lifeTze Ching Yeung Retreat June 2016

How do I book?

At this stage we only require a £97 deposit to hold your booking if you want to join us. Final balances will be invoiced at the beginning of September.

Single people can opt for shared accommodation. If you have a preference for whom you wish to share with, let us know.

Getting there

Fully inclusive price, except travel to and from the Mill Centre.

  • From London, the Eurostar and the private minibus is the quickest way: only about two and a half hours in total! Eurostar from St Pancras to Calais is only 59 minutes and then picked up in Calais by the Mill Retreat Centre private mini-bus (a 90-minute drive)

Eurostar Suggested Timings Outbound on Friday 18 November 2016: (Currently provisional)

  • Departs London St Pancras Int’l at 12:18
  • Arrives Calais Frethun at 14:59

Return on Monday 21 November 2016:(Currently provisional)

  • Departs Calais Frethun at 14.01
  • Arrives London St Pancras Int’l at 14.25

Other travel methods:

  • By car: only approximately 3-3.5 hours from London. It costs approx £30 to £50 each way for a car including up to 5 people via the Channel Tunnel ( or the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry is a 4-hour crossing, The Mill Retreat Centre is located only 35 miles east of Dieppe – for ferry details and prices see
  • A train option is to the local station to the Mill retreat centre 2 miles away called Aumale. Paris to Aumale is approx 2 hours by train – for times and prices see:


Mill Retreat Centre

Moulin de Breteuil
Route Treport (D316)
Nr. Aumale, FRANCE

(Picardy/Normandy Border)

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions of Booking: Deposits are generally non-refundable and expressing an interest in a holiday cannot hold a place without a deposit. Monthly payment plans can be set up.
  • Please do not make any travel arrangements until you receive notification from  a representative from The Big Breath Company that we have sufficient numbers to run this retreat.
  • Please note the balance of holidays and retreats will be collected from 1st September. Failure to pay may result in re allocation of your place.
  • Individual holiday insurance is recommended to be taken out at the time of booking. Prices do not include train tickets, flights or transfers. We can not provide any refund for transport problems or delays.
  • You will receive regular updates from us once you book.
  • Preferences or any special requests to be given at time booking (including additional dietary requirements or allergies).  Shared preferences will be on a first come first served basis
  • Rooms are single or shared occupancy. There are some double rooms for couples. There may be the possibility of triple rooms.
  • Should you have any specific disability requirements or further questions please Email The Big Breath Company
  • Booking is taken as acceptance of these conditions.

What is Transformational Breath ® ?

Transformational Breath is an amazing technique that works across three levels. The first level teaches you how to open your complete respiratory system. Physically this energises, clears toxins, and boosts the immune system. It reduces stress hormones; in fact each session can clear ‘something’, leaving behind deep feelings of relaxation.

The emotional is the second level. Emotionally, Transformational Breath provides an opportunity to access those deep unresolved issues and integrate them in a way that has an immediate benefit on your life. This tool works at the level of the subconscious.

The third level of  Transformational Breath is personal and partially dependent upon belief systems; for some it’s deeply spiritual, others fast track to deep meditative states.

Dr Judith Kravitz developed Transformational Breath over 30 years ago in the US.  There are amazing stories of self-healing using Transformational Breath; including a reduction in symptoms of diseases, such as cancer and back pain.  Tens of thousands of people Worldwide have benefited from this tool.