Hypno Band for Weight Loss

Hypno Band is the same as the Gastric Band Hypnosis that is helping people lose weight.  Some people want to try out Hypno Band because they want to look better.  They dream of fitting into those skinny jeans, that bathing suit, or maybe slimming down for a wedding. More and more people are coming to [...]

Tips for Sleeping

Tips for Sleeping Take some regular exercise every day, not too late, mornings or late afternoons are best. If you need an afternoon nap, limit yourself to no longer than 45 minutes. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so keep your bedroom as dark as possible,block out any light through the windows, and don’t sleep with [...]

Mouse phobia

A mouse phobia is less commonly known as musophobia which comes from the Latin ‘mus’ meaning mouse. Murophobia and suriphobia are other Latin names give to mice and rat phobias. Do you have a mouse phobia?  It’s incredibly common to have a fear of mice, and rats and other things that scuttle round on the [...]

Milgram experiment. Would you deliver a 440v electrical shot?

Are you familiar with the Milgram Experiment? 2011 saw some serious rioting across London.  Naturally, I’m on the side of the victims of these crimes. I fully understand the necessity of consequences for the perpetrators but I find myself being reminded of the Milgram experiment. If someone of authority ordered you to riot, you wouldn’t think you would [...]