Does Hypnosis Work?

I’m unsure because I want to know does hypnosis work? Despite bundles of research, there are still many who ask the question, does hypnosis work? There’s a short answer to that, and the answer is yes, but I will expand a bit more. As I say to the clients who come to see at my [...]

101 healthier natural ways to lose weight

Lose weight more naturally without dieting. A more effective way to lose weight is to use your mind to help your body. I’ve pulled together my natural ways to lose weight . Try Gastric Band Hypnosis which helps people lose large amount of weight, safely and effectively. Believe in yourself. There is something called Orr’s Law. “What the [...]


Gastric hypnotic band does work

Gastric hypnotic band and medical research.  In discussion, with a Doctor friend recently, he informed be that despite the significant cost of Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band surgery, it was one of the most successful and cost effective ways to treat a patient suffering from obesity. Despite the risks associated with such an invasive procedure, [...]

Fear of Flying

Do you suffer from fear of flying? We know when we are afraid, as our heart rates increase, our palms become sweaty and we struggle to see or think clearly.  Our levels of anxiety increase dramatically, and this feeling is commonly referred to as the flight or flight response. Fear is a signal our brain sends to us [...]

Quit Smoking Now

I’ve got plenty of time to quit smoking. I don’t really smoke that much. My grandmother lived to a 100 and smoked 40 cigarettes a day.  They over hype the damaging effects of smoking. I will stop smoking when I’m 50. I only smoke when I drink, so I’m not really a smoker. There are so [...]

Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever suffered from sleep paralysis? I was a terrible sleeper for years and spent many years taking all sorts of bad medication to help me sleep.  There were many factors going on in my life at that time.  When my sleep was bad, I experienced episodes of sleep paralysis. I remember vividly the [...]

Binge Drinking

If your problem activity is binge drinking, you stimulate brain chemistry the time you take that first sip of alcohol.  The name of this chemical involved in this process is dopamine. This dopamine tells you something wonderful is going to happen. But this doesn’t happen with the first sip.  So, convinced it’s about to, you [...]

Never be Late Again.

Would you like to never be late again? Sarah was directly contacted by TNT Magazine and asked to help  Rebecca Kent (journalist) address the problems she was having with lateness.  Rebecca was told by others, that she would be late to her own funeral.  Over the years, she frequently kept friends waiting, and often missed important events. Rebecca missed out [...]

Do you have a Mouse phobia or Rat Phobia

A mouse phobia is less commonly known as musophobia which comes from the Latin ‘mus’ meaning mouse. Murophobia and suriphobia are other Latin names give to mice and rat phobias. Do you have a mouse or rat phobia?  It’s incredibly common to have a fear of mice, and rats and other things that scuttle round [...]