Fertility Hypnosis

Are you familiar with fertility hypnosis?  

Fertility hypnosis is helping couples all around the world cope with infertility. Fertility is something that is frequently taken for granted by those who don’t experience any difficulties. Sadly that’s not the case for many. It’s estimated as many as one in three couples experience problems with infertility at some stage in their lives.

Are you struggling with infertility in some way?

Do you need to increase your chances of conceiving naturally?

Have you read about the clinical evidence for fertility hypnosis?

Are you stressed about your infertility?

Is your partner stressed about their fertility?

Is there something that you need to address that will help improve your fertility, such as losing weight, or stopping smoking?

Do you need help coming to terms with your infertility situation?

Do you need help coping with permanent infertility?

Are you undergoing fertility treatment such as IVF and want to improve your chances of conceiving naturally?

Infertility can affect every aspect of a couple’s life, from their relationship with each other, their family and friends and their career.  

Some women are setting out alone nowadays in their journey to have a child, and may need extra support.

Scientists have discovered that women with high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, can stop ovulating which interferes with conception.  The more stressed you are, the more unlikely you are to conceive, which leads to more stress, it’s a continuous loop. Infertility isn’t just a physiological issue, mind and body are connected. 

Fertility hypnosis helps address any physiological barriers to conception.

Fertility hypnosis aids relaxation with the help of guided visualisations and other advanced techniques.

Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven to help improve the chances of conceiving during IVF cycles as well as using the mind body connection to promote healing.

For men, the use of the similar tools and interventions can help improve sperm count and quality.

Clinical trials affirming the effectiveness of Pyschotherapy involvement in fertility related issues.

  • One study in Israel, 98 women undergoing IVF received hypnosis during embryo transfer, while 96 women served as controls. In the fertility hypnosis group, 53% of the women achieved pregnancy, while only 30.2% in the control group did.

  • In a study in the USA, 16 women with functional hypothalamic amenorrhoea (absence of periods related to brain hormone production) received CBT based treatment.Six of the 8 women in the CBT group resumed ovulation, while only 1 womanin the control group resumed ovulation

Sarah is a highly experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and one of only a handful of Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioners ( CHFP)  available in the UK. She is trained in the easibirthing approach to fertility.

The CHFP qualification is the ONLY fertility hypnosis qualification in the UK that is independently accredited by the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.