Guest on BBC Radio

Listen to my first radio appearance on the lovely Kath Melandri Show on BBC Radio London last night.  What a great experience, especially given that I once had a public speaking phobia.  

You can listen to it for the next 6 days on IPlayer, talking about my news items of the week. Thank you Kath for inviting me.

BBC - London 94.9 Kath Melandri - 16/06/2021

A couple of the stories that I discussed

The art of flattery

Interesting article on the website, about how to get what you want with flattery. It doesn’t matter if we aren’t convinced about the sincerity of the flattery, it still has an affect.  

It also offers the opposing view, from study at the University of Buffalo that too much flattery, especially within the workplace can backfire. Economist article viewpoint again though counteracts this, and says it’s essential for climbing through the ranks in Business, but it needs to be done in an effective way.

You are never to old to give up smoking

Your’re never too old to stop smoking, and reap the health benefits.  and this is something I’m very passionate about in my work as a hypnotherapist.

The news is peppered every day with news updates on smoking and how it harms your health.

It’s one of the biggest crimes of the century that the cigarette manufacturers have been able to legally poison millions of people.

Just last year, according to the World Health Organisation, it killed nearly six million people, 600,000 of them non-smokers and 80% from low- or middle-income countries. We are so used to hearing stories about it, we just switch off.

Most smokers grossly underestimate their own risks. Many older smokers misbelieve that they are too old to quit or too old to benefit from quitting. Because of reverse causality and from seeing deaths of old friends who had quit recently, some misbelieve that quitting could be harmful.

For public health information and education, the great death risk of 1 in 2 to 2 in 3 should be highlighted consistently and widely.  This warning could be placed on cigarette packages so that all smokers know that they are betting their lives on the toss of a coin.

So just as you are never too old to stop smoking, equally you are never too young to quit either.



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