101 healthier natural ways to lose weight

Lose weight more naturally without dieting.

A more effective way to lose weight is to use your mind to help your body. I’ve pulled together my natural ways to lose weight .

  1. Try Gastric Band Hypnosis which helps people lose large amount of weight, safely and effectively.
  2. Believe in yourself. There is something called Orr’s Law. “What the Thinker thinks the Prover proves”. So if you believe something to be true, then the brain will help you achieve that.  Really believe that you can do it.
  3. Eat less to lose weight  (obviously).
  4. Exercise more to lose weight (obviously)
  5. Visit a Hypnotherapist to help your effectively lose weight.
  6. Plan out new strategies for high risk situations. These could be social occasions or business events. Think about what food you might be offered, and the heathier choices you can make in advance. Visualise yourself making the right healthier choices.
  7. Take packed lunches with you into work, so the brain doesn’t hijack you into buying high calorie alternatives.
  8. Spend a few minutes every day visualising a slimmer version of you in the future.  This might not be the way you looked in the past but a new different you.  Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, seeing how you want to look, and the things about you that will change.
  9. We are programmed to move towards things that give us pleasure. Spend time thinking about how much pleasure healthy food gives you, how great it makes you feel. All those nutritious benefits.
  10. We are programmed to move away from things that cause us pain. Spend time thinking about how uncomfortable those unhealthy foods make us feel. How bloated we feel once we’ve eaten them, and how bad they are for our bodies. Greasy food lining our arteries, clogging them up in an unhealthy way.
  11. Imagine how pleased you will feel with yourself, once you’ve done it, your goal achieved.
  12. Practice Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for weight loss and cravings.
  13. Practice the art of self hypnosis, and do this for a few minutes every day to quieten the brain.
  14. Learn to meditate, to help keep you focused on your target.
  15. Focus on your short term goal, rather than the long term target. Those who have lots of weight to lose,  its better to focus on the first 4kg, than the ultimate 40kg. Break your weight loss down into chunk size.
  16. Take your time to enjoy your mealtimes. Stop what you are doing and focus on the meal.
  17. Eat your food in a mindful way, really taking time to smell it, notice the colours, textures and tastes.
  18. Chew your food 21 times before swallowing .
  19. Take a walk by the water, such as along the beach or by a river. The ozone in the water increases the metabolism.
  20. Drink plenty of ice cold water. The brain sometimes mistake hunger for thirst.
  21. Have a glass of hot water with some lemon squeezed in it first thing in the morning.
  22. Find a healthier slim person to model. How do they keep slim? What specifically do they do that keeps them slim? 
  23. Eat chocolate cake for breakfast. Excuse me? No it’s not a mistake according to the latest research in Tel Aviv.  It’s better to eat these items in the morning, when the metabolism is the highest.
  24. Keep a written food/drink diary (that extra bit of effort is worth while, as we think more carefully about what we eat if we have to write it down).
  25. Photograph your food with your phone (easier for some maybe, and makes you more aware of portion size).
  26. Put photographs of high calorie food/ junk food on your fridge. Apparently a deterrent
  27. Consistency is key, every day doing something that moves you towards your goal, rather than away from you goal.
  28. Remember a little exercise everyday, is better than large amounts left to one day a week. The body gets exhausted and sends messages to the brain to tell it to give up.
  29. Get the message out, tell everyone that you want to lose weight. Use social media. Once we announce things in public, we are more likely to succeed, as we often don’t mind letting ourselves down, but don’t like it if others know about our failures.
  30. Understand the difference between lapse, and relapse. If you slip up, that’s find, accept it and move on and start again. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, once you’ve slipped up.
  31. Reward yourself daily with things other than food and drink. Perhaps your favourite CD, or a new book that you fancy.
  32. Get a dog. Pets that needs regular walks are a positive influence on their owners.
  33. Learn to love your body and the way you look. (hypnosis helps with this).
  34. Switch your knives and forks around, eat your food with them in the opposite hands. The brain will find this more difficult to do, which will slow down the rate that you eat.
  35. Give up alcohol ( boo!).
  36. Cut down on alcohol (better). Pick low calorie options and watch your measures.
  37. Plot a graph of your weight loss and stick it to the fridge, to update every time you lose weight.
  38. Treat yourself with special rewards once you hit certain milestones in your weight loss.
  39. Peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant, drink it after a meal instead of dessert .
  40. Put your food on a smaller plate.  Small amounts of food look lost on large plates, and we are more likely to eat more. Use lighter plates to eat from instead of dark plates, as we eat more on darker plates.
  41. Don’t snack on food or eat in front of the TV,  we aren’t consciously aware of what we are eating, and are more likely to overeat.
  42. Drink Green Tea, as hot as you can several times a day to help control appetite. (Check out the research.)
  43. Check your posture, don’t slouch, helps burn up calories.
  44. Sign up for a charity of your choice, your goal being your weight loss target and a sum for each pound or kilo lost.
  45. Enter a competition, team up, lose weight with others in your family or at work.
  46. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable.  Opt for a low energy dense diet
  47. Hot peppers apparently contain capsaicin that briefly helps curb appetite and speed up metabolism. So spice up your food as much as you can.
  48. Only eat when you’re hungry.
  49. Stop eating when you’ve satisfied your hunger, don’t wait until you are full.
  50. Get into the habit of leaving food on your plate.
  51. Put your knife and fork down in between mouthfuls.
  52. Don’t order dessert.
  53. Share a dessert with a friend.
  54. Always eat a healthy breakfast.
  55. When shopping do it after you’ve eaten, so you are less tempted to buy food that you don’t need.
  56. Do your weekly shopping on-line, or make a list and resist those impulse or unhealthy purchases.
  57. Read the labels on food packaging, so you are more aware of what you’re eating.
  58. Reduce the amount of times you go out to eat.
  59. Give up those bread rolls when eating out. Not necessary.
  60. Just have one course when eating out.
  61. Always carry some healthy snacks in your bag for whenever you get hungry. 
  62. Give up your desk job. Or if you have a desk job make sure you stand and stretch yourself every half a hour.
  63. Get a job as a waitress ( ever noticed how slimmer they are)?
  64. Switch from calorie laden cappuccinos and lattes to filter coffee, or americano and herbal teas.
  65. Take the stairs not the lift.
  66. Wear a pedometer and increase your steps each week.
  67. Eating food with a lower G.I so you stay fuller for longer.
  68. Give those unhelpful diet books to a charity shop. ( I would keep anything that is based on promoting low GI foods or healthy options)
  69. Don’t skip meals. 
  70. Set yourself SMART goals, by that I mean, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time frame. So an example of a SMART goal would be. I want to lose 4lb in 4 weeks. It’s specific, you can measure your success, it’s achievable and realistic and it has a time frame.
  71. Switch from red meat to white meat, cut of all visible fats.
  72. Eat smaller portions more regularly.
  73. Ditch the junk food.
  74. Buy a bite counter to monitor your eating. http://www.icountbites.com/
  75. However, a tiny bit of what you fancy is OK every now and again ( I don’t mean daily!).
  76. Lack of sleep makes you hungry get sufficient sleep, but not too much.
  77. Find ways to reduce stress naturally in your life.
  78. Colonic irrigation.. perhaps? Umm!
  79. Realise that your willpower is a muscle. It gets tired if you exercise it too much and needs to be developed. We are more likely to fail to exercise our willpower muscle if we are feeling tired or stressed. Be aware of how this can hit you and be prepared.  
  80. Psylium husks are a natural fiber, consumed in advance of a meal they make you feel fuller quicker.
  81. When shopping visualise in advance what you are going to buy.  For example visualise 
  82. Don’t help yourself to seconds. Put everything on your plate that you want to eat at the beginning of a meal.
  83. If you feel hungry during the day reach for high protein foods.
  84. New scientific evidence on green coffee bean extract supplement increases weight loss.
  85. Buy non stick pans, as this saves on those hidden calories in all those oils and fats used for cooking.
  86. Eat to live not to eat. Food is fuel for our body, work out your emotional triggers and use hypnosis to help overcome them.
  87. Put your knife and fork down, or put your food down on your plate between mouthfuls.
  88. Take up Yoga, regular weight loss is associated with mindful eating
  89. Get on your bike, give up public transport (make sure you wear the safety gear).
  90. Join a gym, find some classes that are fun, learn to enjoy exercise.
  91. Find a buddy to exercise with, so you can both keep yourselves motivated.
  92. Dispel that belief that smoking keeps you slim. Read this report.
  93. Have plenty of sex.
  94. Get off the bus or tube a stop earlier each day.
  95. Stop using remote controls.
  96. Hide your scales or give them to a neighbour, so you don’t get caught in that trap of excessively weighing yourself.
  97. Check your posture, don’t slouch and practice tucking your tummy in when you walk.  Better and more achievable than those difficult stomach crunches.
  98. Occasional fasting is apparently beneficial for weight loss, and helps promote long life. Give it a go, only if medically fit enough to do so. One day a month, plan ahead and prepare for it. Helps get over those plateaus in your weight loss program.
  99. Develop your own mantra or affirmation. Eg with every heavy pound of weight I lose, I believe more and more that I can achieve my goal.
  100. Select a minimum of 10 of the above ideas to incoporate into your daily routine, alongside eating less, and exercising more.
  101. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so make sure you stick to those you have selected for a minimum of 21 days.
Happy to hear from any of my readers any further suggestions as to their top natural ways to lose weight

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