Guest on BBC Radio

Listen to my first radio appearance on the lovely Kath Melandri Show on BBC Radio London last night.  What a great experience, especially given that I once had a public speaking phobia.   You can listen to it for the next 6 days on IPlayer, talking about my news items of the week. Thank you [...]

Does Hypnosis Work?

I’m unsure because I want to know does hypnosis work? Despite bundles of research, there are still many who ask the question, does hypnosis work? There’s a short answer to that, and the answer is yes, but I will expand a bit more. As I say to the clients who come to see at my [...]

101 healthier natural ways to lose weight

Lose weight more naturally without dieting. A more effective way to lose weight is to use your mind to help your body. I’ve pulled together my natural ways to lose weight . Try Gastric Band Hypnosis which helps people lose large amount of weight, safely and effectively. Believe in yourself. There is something called Orr’s Law. “What the [...]