Hypno Band for Weight Loss

Hypno Band is the same as the Gastric Band Hypnosis that is helping people lose weight. 

Some people want to try out Hypno Band because they want to look better.  They dream of fitting into those skinny jeans, that bathing suit, or maybe slimming down for a wedding.

More and more people are coming to see me for my Gastric Band Hypnosis  package for reasons such as

“I’ve got diabetes and need to lose weight.”

“I’m trying for a baby, and I’ve been told that being slimmer will improve my chances of conceiving naturally.”

“I’m considering going for Gastric Band Surgery, so this is my last chance to try to avoid something I don’t really want to do.”

“My weight is affecting my ability to walk, as my knees hurt .”

“I want to change my relationship with food, it’s unhealthy and I know I’m eating myself to death.”

“I would pay thousands of pounds to switch off that greedy person inside of me.”

Helping clients improve their health, is the most rewarding work I do as a Hypnotherapist

Hypno Band works on changing the thinking in the mind, if we think differently, we act differently.

If you thought like a slim person, you would behave like a slim person.

Diets aren’t the way forward, food isn’t the enemy. Hypnosis helps you develops a healthy relationship with food.


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