Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever suffered from sleep paralysis?

I was a terrible sleeper for years and spent many years taking all sorts of bad medication to help me sleep. 

There were many factors going on in my life at that time. 

When my sleep was bad, I experienced episodes of sleep paralysis. I remember vividly the first time it happened.

I was sleeping in bed alone, and I woke up in the middle of the night in my pitch black room. I was sure there was someone in the room with me, I could hear mumbled voices, that didn’t make much sense, but sounded as though they were being replayed on the slow speed of a tape recorder. 

The freaky thing is that I couldn’t move. I was aware of some vibrations somewhere…inside or around me.. but I couldn’t move. I tried to call out… but I couldn’t speak.  My body was still asleep. I thought I was having a stroke, or something else worse that I couldn’t identify.

Minutes or seconds seemed like hours.  I couldn’t get my state to shift. But then it passed. I think I fell back asleep, but I’m not sure. It left me exhausted and drained. 

I was worried the following day about what had happened and it took me several episodes before my disorder was identified.

I was suffering with sleep paralysis. Apparently quite it’s common, especially with those who suffer from insomnia or stress, although many people just experience it once or twice in their life. Suffers of narcolepsy experience it quite often.

What I now know, that although there are some underlying medical conditions associated with various sleep disorders. Whenever I experience sleep paralysis, its normally as a consequence of me doing something wrong and upsetting my mind and body.  The odd times I don’t sleep that well nowadays,  are when something has happened in my day that’s out of my control, or I’m jet lagged, or stayed up too late.

If you don’t sleep well or suffer from insomnia, what’s your unconscious saying to you? There is usually an underlying cause.  

If you need help dealing with insomnia, sleep paralysis, or poor sleep habits, hypnosis can help.  Find out more, contact Sarah Cognitive Hypnotherapist today.


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