Never be Late Again.

Would you like to never be late again? Sarah was directly contacted by TNT Magazine and asked to help  Rebecca Kent (journalist) address the problems she was having with lateness.  Rebecca was told by others, that she would be late to her own funeral. 

Over the years, she frequently kept friends waiting, and often missed important events. Rebecca missed out on some important job offers due to turning up late for the actual interviews. She kept promising herself that she would never be late again.

Contrary to some beliefs just because you were born late, doesn’t mean that you were designed to be late for life. There wasn’t a program that was loaded before birth. 

Most people think of contacting a Hypnotherapist for issues such as weight loss, stopping smoking, insomnia, but Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with so many other behavioural issues. 

Punctuality can be a serious problem for people, and it can cause havoc with their personal lives as well as their careers. 

Instead of lateness, most of you might know someone who is always early, turning up before the party has even started, or arriving at the airport several hours before the check in desk opens.  Being late not anything in a person who wants to be on time can cause extreme anxiety.

Being late & being early are learned behaviours. Just as they have been learned they can be unlearned.

Read all about Sarah Jons and the story in TNT, by clicking on the link below

TNT Magazine Review

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