Do you have a Mouse phobia or Rat Phobia

A mouse phobia is less commonly known as musophobia which comes from the Latin ‘mus’ meaning mouse. Murophobia and suriphobia are other Latin names give to mice and rat phobias.

Do you have a mouse or rat phobia? 

It’s incredibly common to have a fear of mice, and rats and other things that scuttle round on the floors of our living spaces. In fact these fears are hard wired into us; we are born with a natural disposition to be afraid of these things because this information has been passed down in our DNA. 

You could see that 20,000 years ago it was quite helpful to our survival to be afraid of small creatures that scuttled round on the floor of our then living spaces which consisted of dark caves.

In fact it was less than a 1000 years ago that the Black Plague, which was carried by rats, wiped out around half of Europe’s population. How terrifying it must be to live through such a time and see half the population wiped out?

Who is to say that these types of serious trauma don’t somehow get encoded into our DNA in some way, we don’t yet fully understand? Remaining inactive and dormant until something in our environment triggers the switch to be turned on. 

These environmental triggers can be switched on for many reasons, such as an uncomfortable encounter in childhood or through watching a horror movie. It’s true that a parent’s phobia can be passed down to a child, who has perhaps witnessed their parent having a full scale panic attack, at the sighting of a mouse in their home.

In my experience as a Hypnotherapist, there may be other reasons completely unrelated to a mouse sighting or interaction that cause the phobia to develop. These reasons may be out of conscious awareness and only be understood by our unconscious mind.

When someone has a mouse phobia, the symptoms vary by person to person depending on their level of fear. These symptoms are because of the ‘fight or flight response’ that is being activated in the limbic or mamallian brain. Once activated this drops adrenaline into our body and mind and prepares us to ‘fight, or flight’. Hard to fight a mouse that you can’t catch or see, easier to take flight and wait until the threat has passed.

In some extreme cases, people can’t stay in their own homes; they are constantly in a state of hyper vigilance because of their mouse or rat phobia. This affects sleep and medication is sometimes prescribed whilst further help is sought.

Interestingly more recently I discovered how you could do an online course that would help you cure you mouse phobia. I struggle to understand how effective this would actually be.

In working with clients with mouse phobias, I use advanced New Code NLP alongside hypnosis to free my clients of their phobias.  One of the most popular issues that I deal with is a fear of public speaking or glossophobia. This deactivates the flight or fight response which reduces the level of anxiety. It’s effective and usually very quick to work, as this works at the level of the unconscious mind, the one that controls the limbic brain. Why suffer unnecessarily?

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